Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top 10 WORST Footballer Haircuts Of This Generation

Is it just us, or have footballer haircuts been getting more and more ridiculous off late? Everyone has a buzz line here or an afro there. What happened to the good ol’ days of normal hair and fantastic football?

Footballers these days have been taking their hairstyle game to newer levels. It’s quite clear that they have no obligation to be “formally” dressed anymore, what with the ridiculous wages they earn, but what they really need to realize is that they’re role models for football fans world over – and often the easiest way to emulate your footy hero – is to get the same haircut!

It was okay seeing every kid sport a David Beckham spike do or a Cristiano Ronaldo waxed mop, but now things are getting out of hand. We for one, hope never to encounter fans of these players sporting their ridiculous haircut:

1) Gervinho
The man whose head looks like a living room.

2) Niklas Bendtner
The “I am a big baby” hairdo.

3) Bacary Sagna
Mr. Maggi Head.

4) Ratinho
This is what happens when your head gets stuck in the nets.

5) Raul Miereles
It seems Raul passed out on the beach and a bird built a nest on his head.

6) Joe Cole
We’re assuming he had a lizard on his head that the barber just trimmed around.

7) The many dos of Mario Balotelli
We just pity the parents of any kids who are huge fans of Mario.

8) Luis Ronaldo
Ronaldo took the 2002 Brazil world cup by storm. And so did his barber.

9) Cristiano Ronaldo
The one where his hairstylist watched too much anime the previous day.

10) David Luiz
The one true mop.

We’re sure there are tonnes more out there, so if you’ve got one in mind, or have spotted one recently – let us know in the comments below!

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