Tuesday, 8 December 2015

5 Ways To Keep Employees Happy

Be a new age boss. It’s Time to take stock and learn new ways on how to retain employees as well as how to keep them happy. It’s time for every company to pull u their socks and become like which has been consistently ranked number one workplace in the world. But not every employer or corporate has to go extreme measures to get smiling cheerful employees. Here we examine some methods which can work for you as they have for others. So read on and be prepared to be surprised. 

Organise activities – This can be done by any employer of any level. “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” goes the old English adage. Well time to organise your employees to have fun while at work or even outside of it. It could take the form of football matches where everyone wears football badges or any other sport. You could organise picnics or family days at work which are proving to be a big success among the large MNCs (multinational corporations) the world over. Planning and efforts will be rewarded with fatter bottom lines.

Reward excellence – Most Indian bosses notice only mistakes and make it into a big deal but they remain silent when it comes to recognizing efforts and talents. Please don’t make the same mistake. You can be the boss everyone loves and adores. As rewards you can indulge in corporate gifts online such as football badges. You don’t have to dish out expensive stuff as rewards. Keychain online shopping is a decent way to start doing it. If someone makes a great contribution from any department notice and acknowledge it. It’s a small gesture with big dividends, pun intended my dears. So ship up with the times.

Give time off – Workplaces world over are implanting mandatory time off. You don’t need to make it into a policy decision, just give people time off. Whether it is casual leave, long leave or simply time off during lean periods. Plus good companies don’t encourage over time as it shows a lack of efficiency. So whether you are a startup company offering corporate gifts online or a legacy company of a few generations, giving people time out and maintaining work-life balance is crucial. Maternity or paternity leave is another must do, encouraging women to return back to workforce is now a done deal.

Create a happy workplace – This can be done in a variety of ways. You could allow colleagues casual wear on certain days or not throw a hissy fit if someone is late to report to work once in a while due to situations beyond control. Set the tone for a happy office. Smile and take things easy. Don’t berate in front of others. Allow for a relaxed long lunch break or allow piped music which sets the mood for the rest. Let employees personalize their work place. Small gestures can go a long way than just keychain online shopping for them.


  1. Those are some great points. I think at a grassroots level, the first thing to look at is the communication lines in an office. Are you listening to employees and are employees able to speak up?

    Gena F | Vantaggio HR

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