Friday, 31 October 2014

Birthday Bonanzas The Soccer Way

Celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones with a twist, a little hatke with gifts bought from us. Instead of choosing run of the mill gifts time after year, if you know somebody with a flair for football why not look at our fine collection  of birthday gifts online as well as a wide range of greeting cards, birthday greeting cards. A birthday in the family or social network is a grand occasion and must be celebrated as such. And we here at would like to join in the revelry.

For the aficionados of the game of the ball, this is the place to purchase birthday gifts online. You will be simply amazed at the range of items available on sale: towels, caps, sweat hand bands, car accessories, clocks, cushions, drink bottles, electronic accessories, flags, fridge magnets, glassware, greeting cards, inflatable’s, key chains, baggage, piggy banks,  coffee mugs, scarves, soft toys, stationary and the cutest of all action figurines known as “ soccer starz”. They are an eclectic range covering a wide age range as well as gifts for both the genders. In fact girls love our collectible items as well. More power to gender equality.

On our site we have pop up birthday greeting cards priced at a cool INR 555 a piece dedicated to the following teams from the English premier league: Arsenal F C, Liverpool F C and Chelsea F C. These greeting cards are so cool that they definitely will eyebrows go higher and the recipients ecstatic with joy. Each card contains a 3D Stadium Pop-Up Inside which is so cool. These cards for the rugged and macho footballs fans for whom the traditional and mushy cards just do not cut. It’s time for the men to get cards which match their testosterone levels.
You could spread fragrance in the air in the form of add on gifts such as air fresheners with logos and colours of leading European club teams such as A C Milan and Juventus of Italy. This birthday of a loved one who is a diehard soccer fan should be a celebration of their passion ( him or her ). Go all the way with a cake based on soccer theme as well as trendy and stylish items bought off our great web store, which has great deals & free shipping for all purchases above INR 1000 /-. Happy shopping!

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