Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fun Football Player’s Figures A Collector’s Dream

Everyone has been a collector growing up. Very rarely would you find somebody who has not been a collector of one object or another. Some people carefully collect coins, others search for suitable stamps, and others collect unique artifacts like Ganeshas and Tanjore paintings. The collections can be humble or gigantic occupying large spaces in physical as well in our hearts.  A lady in South Delhi had a passion for collecting soaps from around the world, by different manufacturers.  Passions many, interests vary.

Children are also collectors. The girls collect various editions of Barbie and her friends and boys down the road have been collecting life like action figurines of various super heroes such as Super Man, X – Men and The Justice League. Others collect guns and some kids collect gizmos. Now for those who are fans of football – the world’s most watched and played outdoor game, we have bought to India soccerstarz toys - football players figures all of two inch in height apiece and hand painted for the unique touch. After creating an international stir, these Football Figures are the rage in India as well.

If you have kids in the families mad on soccer or you are an adult for a passion for the game, don’t miss the opportunity to pick up cute and really nice football players figures “soccerstarz toys “. Comfortably priced they are the genesis of a growing collection which can be swapped, exchanged with your mates etc. They also make for great birthday gifts for the little ones who follow the fortunes of various club teams ( Real Madrid, Arsenal F C and Barcelona F C ) and legends of the game such as Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo. 

These Football Figures are durable, extremely safe and of the highest standards. Plus they are 100% authentic football memorabilia just as the others you have purchased such as clothing, cushion covers, car accessories and alarm clocks. 

Have Wayne Rooney on your writing table or Theo Walcott on your bed side table smiling up at you or at a loved one.  These uniquely crafted pieces enable you to start a collection of your favorite team or for that matter make your own dream team of the best players as per your discretion.
Browse and click away – build your soccerstarz toys team today!

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