Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Football And Food Fun – Our Way

Having friends over for a night of fun and football at your place? Or just a night of chilling with the air conditioner on full blast with loved ones watching the latest rom-com on your new plasma TV? Why not elevate the experience with our range of football beer glasses, tall beer glass and many cooler kitchen items. Lay out a range of snacks and a nibble in our trendy and stylish serving bowls online India. You can buy mugs online and serve the latest Arabica coffee to your friends and relatives as they get comfortable to watch premier league matches live.

Our range of football beer glasses / tall beer glass is ideal to keep the sultry blues away. The temperature might be 35C outside but with frothy foam of leading beer brands, it is a cool 25C inside.  Our beer glasses are original 100% merchandise licensed from leading soccer and basketball teams from the west.  So whether you are a fan of Manchester United or Real Madrid F C, beer has never tasted better. But remember, drink responsibly. And never drive when you have had a bit too many. Call a cab.

If you don’t get attracted by beer or other forms of alcohol, then we have excellent coffee mugs. You may buy mugs online for home or as gifts for a loved one. They make for excellent gift items for varied occasions like birthdays, graduations and house warming as well. The coffee mugs are stylish and made using the latest techniques. Thus ensuring that every sip of every cuppa is an enhanced experience. So whether you like coffee from beans from Ethiopia or Coorg, our magical mugs are the one for you.

Next time you expecting a large paltan of friends coming over for football and snacks don’t fret. Log onto our site and choose from a large selection of serving bowls online india.  With free shipping on order worth INR 1500 and above, you can shop to your heart’s content and do up your kitchen with fancy football memorabilia. Start your collection now and become the proud owner of football beer glasses, coffee mugs and serving bowls. Plus we have other useful items as well. Log on today and see for yourself.

May football fever never leave you. Till we meet again, keep the faith and shop away. Ciao friends!

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