Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stylish Gifts For Men – Football And Fun

What do Samir Ray in Poona, Umang Narang in Palampur and Sandeep Suri in Faridabad have in common? These three men are big fans of football known as soccer in USA. Not only that they have also played football informally as well as for their school teams in their heydays and would have made it a career if it was not an option in their days. Their passion for the game is high and for them anytime is football time, whether it is on TV or playing with friends and colleagues on weekends. These guys are high on foot ball as a result their families indulge them by picking up great 100% authentic merchandise online and surprising them as gifts. 

The shopping could take the form of backpacks online or looking to buy luggage bags online or just mens leather wallets / leather wallets for men. The options for family members and loved ones presenting these soccer mad men are now astounding. India now boasts of its very own football merchandise store where a whole plethora of gifts can be bought off the rack and delivered to your homes in a few days.

Stylish gifts like leather wallets for men or backpacks online to carry laptops and other items of daily use top the chart. For those always on the move and who live from suitcase to suitcase, it would be a good idea to buy luggage bags online and offer them as birthday or anniversary gifts. Samir Ray received lovely mens leather wallets from his Gurgaon based cousin Toshita for his September birthday courtesy online football merchandise store. Sandeep had a NOIDA based colleague deliver a lovely inflatable chair for his house warming, a present he cherishes deeply. In fact all matches which are streamed live via satellite are watched from the comfort of this great item.  He sits down with a glass of beer and tandoori paneer forgetting all his worries as the kick off starts miles away.

Colognes or ties, shirts and belts are passé’. Think out of the box my dears and move up with the times. Don’t fall into the trap of your comfort zone and give the same over used gift items, in short don’t be a lazy gift giver. If you know someone who has a passion for a particular thing, indulge him or her. It could be passion for jewellery, sports, books or music. You as a friend, lover, relative or colleague must make it a point of giving them something they love, cherish, desire and want. So now no more lazy gift giving.

For football fans you can select from a list such as towels, caps, captain armbands, car accessories, clocks, drink bottles, electronic accessories, flags, fridge magnets, glassware, greeting cards, inflatable’s, key chains, baggage,   coffee mugs, ,  stationary and the cutest of all action figurines known as “ soccer starz”.

Go get going, make sure you pick up some stylish products which marry passion for the game and love for the finer things in life.

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