Monday, 18 April 2016

EPL Final stretch – Manchester City

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What a yo yo of a season it has been for the blue half of Manchester. Starting off as second title favourites, soon become favourites after Chelsea’s poor performances, and soon after finding themselves struggling in 4th place. There’s more than enough evidence here that money along cannot by you trophies!

City started the season in top form – five wins in a row with a big win against Chelsea. They continued the season with resounding wins over mid-table opposition but struggled against big clubs Liverpool, United, Tottenham and Arsenal. Manager Manuel Pellegrini didn’t seem to be doing much wrong but given the money that has been spent, more was expected of the Chillean manager.

At the end of January, the Citizens were just 3 points behind surprise league leaders Leicester City when the big wigs at the Etihad Stadium confirmed that Pellegrini would be departing at the end of this season. Pep Guardiola was confirmed as City’s next boss. The fans in the blue half of Manchester were overjoyed and came out in full support of their new manager with Manchester City merchandise in hand. In the locker room however, Pellegrini was left with the conundrum of figuring out whether he should continue to persevere or if he should just sit back and wait for the season to end.

In the months following Guardiola’s performance, it has become more than evident that Pellegrini has either lost interest in winning things this season, or that the players are no longer backing him – knowing full well that a new boss will be coming in. The results began to show, with three consecutive losses to Leicester City, Tottenham and Liverpool. More dropped points against Norwich left the Manchester club in 4th place on the table, nine points behind the league leaders.

In their remaining 9 games, City host United at the Etihad, visit Chelsea at the Bridge and face Arsenal in the penultimate game of the season. They also have the added weight of Champions League quarter finals ties against PSG in between which puts the onus of a successful season squarely in the hands of Pellegrini. Should he take City to European glory and sacrifice their premier league position, or should he try and chase down the league title at the risk of losing out in Europe.

From a fan’s point of view – it’s nigh on impossible to win the league. The Champions League on the other hand is still a possibility. Can the Manchester City gifts of glory redeem this season for Pellegrini? Or will he play it safe and leave with a whimper?

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