Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Football Merchandise Now In India

In a country dominated by cricket and only cricket, can any other sport hold its own? Surprisingly many are able to such as our national sport Hockey, lawn Tennis, Wrestling and the second most popular sport in India – Football. This game has traditionally it has enjoyed popularity in the isolated regions such as West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, Pune and the entire north-eastern India belt.

Offical Football Mercahndise
Though there is not much money or fame in football, yet the passionate youth have not given up. A number of football tournaments are held every year in India locally such as the Federation Cup, Durand Cup and Santosh Cup. India is trying to get its act together and rise up on the ranking issued annually by FIFA where it has been languishing in the bottom for years. Thousands of Indian youngsters are hooked on to the exploits of their favourite teams such as Real Madrid or Chelsea FC on tv, and they wish to emulate the greats of football such as David Beckham of England, Ronaldo of Potugal and Pele of Brazil.
They earlier used to pester their foreign based relatives to send them football mementoes but now Football Merchandise Online India can be purchased via, a niche Mumbai based portal specializing only in Football related Merchandise under various categories at affordable prices, and belonging to various popular clubs such as AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Juventus FC and Liverpool FC. This site allows you to buy football accessories online India such as Mugs, Key Chains, and glassware and fridge magnets which are 100% authentic and delivered within 3 days by leading logistics company Fedex. You could even find great bargains on the website especially for their range of action figurines / sculptures of various footballers such as Demba Ra and Nani. This is a great site for football aficionados.
Football Jersey Online India

Such memorabilia will inspire our budding talents to greater glories in the days to come. With hard work and excellent coaching India too can one day be a great soccer nation. A day when India will compete in the world cup events may not be that far away. Amen to that!

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