Friday, 11 April 2014

Shop for Official Football Merchandise in India

This is a great time for soccer as football is known in many in countries in India. Just recently you all must have got to known the fantastic news that soccer’s version of the Indian Premier League is being launched. Appropriately titled Indian Super League, it will kick off with eight teams in the first year (September 2014). The eight cities and/or states which were selected to host teams are Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Kochi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Poona. Each team would have a roster of 22 players each which would contain 10 foreign players, 8 domestic Indian players, and 4 local Indian players. This will be a great blessing for the sport in India and three cheers to new beginnings for this game in India which has a long, long way to grow in the most popular game in the world.

Buy Football Accessories Online India
Till such teams become popular in India, the legions of soccer fans in India have turned to grea teams of Europe to satisfy their cravings for this mega sport. Teams such as A C Milan, F C Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool F C , Manchester City and Manchester United F C are household names in the country and have their band of dedicated fans in India just as they do in other parts of the globe. The exploits of Pepe, Steven Gerrard, Maradona and Ashley Cole are just as hotly debated in the streets of Calcutta as it is in Caracas. Earlier one had to turn to relatives and friends abroad for ferrying Official Football Merchandise pertaining to these teams. Now with our web store you can buy all types of Football Merchandise Online India. Isn’t that great? Just click and fulfill your wishes galore.

The Official Football Merchandise available is extensive in nature and includes popular times such as towels, caps, sweat hand bands, car accessories, clocks, cushions, drink bottles, electronic accessories, flags, fridge magnets, glassware, greeting cards, inflatable’s, key chains, baggage, piggy banks,  coffee mugs, scarves, soft toys, stationary. Phew!! Such a long list of delectable collectibles for you to buy, swaps, share and exchange. Looking for gifts for young soccer fans in your social network why not gift them a trendy back pack or piggy banks emblazoned with the logos of their favourite team.  Once hooked, you will return over and over for all types of Football Merchandise Online India.

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