Monday, 7 March 2016

3 Football Items For Macho Men

Is the man in your life sick of the same gifts being repeated year after year? Shed your inertia and think beyond the striped official shirts, the pin stripe ties and the French aftershaves picked up from duty free shops from your international journeys to Europe or Far East. It’s time for you to think out of the box and make unusual choices for them. Whether it is for an upcoming birthday or a looming anniversary you can now find cool gifts with us. Here are five such items you can opt for this year.

Backpacks – Every trendy man has one and its gaining traction among young men of the country. It’s a shift from the staid and rather archaic briefcases sported by our grandparents and bureaucrats. I have one. Do you? You will find swanky backpacks online. So why not log on to our store and select awesome backpacks online. It is practical, comfortable, trendy and inexpensive. Isn’t that a great combination?

Luggage bags – If your family or your man travels a lot, it’s good to keep replenishing your stock from time to time. So why not gift one to your love? With the power of internet you can now buy luggage bags online. And we at goalsquad enable you to buy luggage bags online at throw away prices. Plus you will find that they are available in the colours and logos of your or his favourite football teams.
Leather wallets for men – Cool looking leather wallets for men will never go out of fashion, it will always be in demand and. You can now forget about Louis vuitton or chanel wallets. You can now bargain and buy leather wallets online which combine your love for football and him. Made with the best of the raw materials with colours and logos of leading football teams, it would be the best gift for a football fanatic for any special occasion. He will welcome your thoughtful gesture with open arms. What say you?

You could also select these items as office giveaways in the form of corporate gifts online. These will be appreciated by one and all in your office. So whether you shop as birthday items for a loved one or for corporate gifts online, we are your first and only choice.  We aim to please and ensure that every purchase is the right kick-0ff, no pun intended.

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