Saturday, 12 March 2016

Uefa Coverage – Watch Them Live

“We settled down and it could have been more than eight in the end. There are not many times when you score eight goals in the UEFA Champions League and it was good to be a part of it.” – Ace footballer Peter Crouch on his performances at the 2007/2008 UEFA Champions league for Liverpool F c .

The world is shrinking like never before, it is now turning into a global village. This has enabled us to watch leading events live, sitting in the comfort of your homes & hearths.  Be it UEFA coverage or British premier league matches or Olympic Games or even our celebrity tennis leagues. India is now a part of “vasudev kuttamkhamb” , and we at goalsquad celebrate the game , the spirit, the competition and the success of UEFA and the great football fever whole heartedly.

Year after year we tune in with our satellite connections and cable wires to watch UEFA coverage, and see our favourite players go head to head. The excitement builds up, the fever is high and the joy infectious. Over mugs of brews and micro brews, we cheer lustily and wave pennants and team flags.
Watching UEFA coverage live is like no other feeling. Ask Mr Samir Ray from Poona, a football fan and amateur player “UEFA gives me an opportunity to satisfy my football fever. A chance to reaffirm my connection with the game I played in school”. He like lakhs of men and women keep abreast of developments among the leading teams of Europe. Women have taken to this game in droves, no longer content to sit on the sidelines. They now actively watch all developments as much as the men do. If you are a lady football fan or a player, write into us with your stories and nuggets of life.

With goalsquad providing you a host of 100% authentic football merchandise online from teams participating in U E F A, you can support your team Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester united, Brazil with jazzy clothing’s, electronic accessories, car memorabilia and even football fridge magnets. Why not even hand them out to loved ones or turn them into great corporate give away, it’s a football ooops sorry food for thought. Pun intended.

Whether you support Bayern F C, Juventus F C or Real Madrid F C, UEFA is the place to be if not then see live on TV with loved ones.  Join the world in celebrating the game.

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